Established in 2003, Green Landscaping provides lawn maintenance in Marietta, GA. Regularly maintaining your lawn will not only beautify and keep your lawn healthy, but will also add value to your property. After all, who wants an overgrown lawn filled with weeds? We provide many ways to make and keep your lawn a beautiful sight to behold.


Mow-Edge-Blow is our standard and basic lawn maintenance service that is available and performed 365 days a year. We mow the lawn, edge the beds and driveway, and blow all the debris into natural or wooded areas.

Leaf Mulch n’ Blow

In addition to the Mow-Edge-Blow, we also have the Leaf Mulch n’ Blow which is our standard service for the dormant season. Our experienced Marietta lawn maintenance crew blows all the leaves into a pile, where they are then mulched and then blown into natural or wooded areas.

Leaf Removal

This service is an upgrade from the Leaf Mulch n’ Blow. Our crew collects all of the leaves and takes them to a green waste disposal site. There is a price increase because of the disposal fee.

Weed Spray (plant beds)

Our crew uses a chemical spray on any weeds that may be growing in the plant beds.

Weed Pull (plant beds)

In addition to weed spraying, we also pull any weeds from the plant beds. If weeds are not removed, they will deplete and deprive plants of nourishment and stifle their growth.

Shrubbery Maintenance

At every visit, we inspect all of the shrubs and bushes for uneven growth and trim them as needed. On average, most shrubs need to be trimmed 3-4 times during the growing season.

Ivy Growth Maintenance

Our team thoroughly inspects your property for any ivy growth on the trees, the side of the house, or in other unwanted areas. If any growth is found, we trim the ivy as needed.

Crepe Myrtle Maintenance

Once a year in December, our crew will prune and shape your crepe myrtle trees.


From the middle of October to November, our crew will prune all the perennials in your garden. Perennials like lantanas, daylilies, and daisies, should be cut down to about two inches for winter dormancy. This process allows for the plants to stay healthy and come back strong in the spring.

Seasonal Annual Flowers

Our crew plants annuals on your property only during May and October. We provide a complete list of available seasonal annuals for the homeowner to select from or the homeowner can have the landscaper choose. Some examples of amazing annuals are chrysanthemums, asters, begonias, and baby’s breath, to name a few.


Grass is aerated to improve its health and growth. Aeration for grass varieties like Zoysia and Bermuda is done between April and August. For a cold-tolerant grass like Fescue, aeration is done between fall and the beginning of winter, typically from September to November. This service is ideal for places where soil compaction is present, such as a playground or an often used area of your property.


This service is exclusively for Fescue grass. Over seed services are available from September to November.

Marietta lawn maintenance offers these services along with providing Pine Straw long and regular needle bed covering, and brown, red, black, cypress or pine nugget mulch.

Mulch Installation

Complete your outdoor aesthetic appeal with mulch. We provide mulch installation services and can help you choose the right mulch type and color for your yard.